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Barbara Winter Martin

We are blessed to be living in a time and place where survival is not a constant focus of our existence. As a result, we are no longer seeking authoritative religious certainty to bring us comfort. 21st Century Spirituality builds upon the essence of all the great religious traditions and then invites us to become active participants in our divine/spiritual unfoldment and expression. It explains our instinctive sense of being connected to a universe filled with beauty, mystery, and meaning, and our desire to stretch beyond our ego boundaries to grow and love others.   

Experiencing Connection


We now have the opportunity to explore, redefine and clarify, beyond the authoritative religious certainty promised by major religions, our personal experiences of Connection/Oneness. By accepting the invitation to become even more active participants in our spiritual evolution/unfoldment and expression, we stretch beyond our ego boundaries to embrace our Connection with All...More 

Understanding Relationships

Relationships with Yourself and Others


Relationship problems may not result from something being wrong, but rather something being right/natural but misunderstood. Explore personality traits and learn how to accommodate and adapt in areas that are outside your naturalness. Learn to recognize how love and affection are being expressed to you, and how to express love and affection in ways that your loved ones can easily receive. Develop strategies to assist children with greater self-acceptance and success...More 

Resonating with Angels & Devas


Although a majority of people believe in the existence of angels, many do not realize that they are eager to actively co-create with us. We will demystify this process and study Devic Consciousness and its attributes. We will explore the benefits of working/co-creating with Angels and Devas, and learn how to communicate and build relationships with them...More

21st Century Healing


Knowing that it is our "belief" in any healing modality which brings about desired results, we will explore how to uncover unconscious blocks which interfere with optimal health. Besides personal stories and scientific research, we will share strategies and practices to assist us in expressing our natural wholeness in body, mind, emotions and spirituality...More

Barbara Winter Martin


Barbara Winter Martin has a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and is an ordained interdenominational minister. She is a dynamic national speaker, counsels in her private practice and served ten years as senior minister at Unity Spiritual Center of Central Minnesota. She has the ability to weave psychology and spirituality together in such a way as to facilitate profound healing and personal growth. Her warmth and humor entertain and challenge audiences, and her compassionate loving heart connects and inspires.

"As senior minister at Unity Spiritual Center in SD, I arranged for Barbara to lead two successive annual retreats for our Board of Directors.  The Board gave her rave reviews for her skills as a retreat facilitator.  In addition, board members & our congregates were so inspired by the talks Barbara gave at our Sunday worship services that they were adamant about having her back ASAP! 

Barbara is a seasoned & highly skilled retreat/workshop leader.  She also is one of the most inspirational Unity ministers I’ve heard give a Sunday talk over my 36 years of involvement with the Unity movement!

" Rev. Richard Kiefer, MDiv



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